Yacht delivery crew sailing passed the white cliffs of Dover
  • 5th August 2018
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  • by Pete Green
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It was a last-minute decision, but it was one that opened a whole new world to me. Before I knew it, I was on a yacht in Bermuda headed across the Atlantic Ocean, bound for Chichester, England. Three months later, I’ve got half a dozen Halcyon deliveries under my belt and the benefits of joining in with a yacht delivery company are abundant.

Yacht delivery crew sailing passed the white cliffs of DoverFor me, it took a leap of faith. Being unfamiliar with the yacht delivery industry, I relied on looking at the Halcyon’s website and the reviews on their Facebook page. It’s unusual to me to not have a personal connection, but Halcyon seemed to be a thriving business with a solid reputation. Along with my longstanding wish to cross the Atlantic, it was enough to overcome any skepticism I had.

A beautiful sunset over the Atlantic OceanHalcyon quickly proved to be the real deal. When I was initially interviewed, the staff at Halcyon were professional and it was clear they were looking out for fellow crew and clients in everything they do. It made me feel safe and confident in my decision to pursue the yacht delivery experience and it is a decision that I’m very happy with.

Yacht delivery crew sailing on passageMy first delivery experience came to be so quickly that I didn’t fully have time to process the journey I was embarking on. Although an experienced sailor, I had never done a long ocean passage before. The level of planning and preparation that goes into a trans-Atlantic crossing is a great lesson in itself. The skipper of our boat was meticulous in his preparation and serves as a model for proper planning in every respect. These things are mostly what you study and learn in our RYA curriculum.

There are, however, many benefits to yacht delivery that you may not have thought about. Of course, there are the obvious benefits. You can do passages and log miles that are required for Yachtmaster certifications. There are also intangible benefits that you won’t find in your logbook but will serve you well in your sailing life and beyond.

When you work on yacht deliveries, you encounter so many different kinds of people. Some of us came to sailing after other careers, some sail as a lifelong hobby and others have made careers as sailors. Regardless of our backgrounds, there is much to learn from one another. Sailing yachts are complex and so are people. Spending time with others under sail for days or weeks at a time is a great chance to learn new ways of doing things and learn different perspectives on life. In our normal lives, we are creatures of habit and often see the same people in our social and work lives. In yacht delivery, you meet new people each time, from the skipper and fellow crew to owners, yacht dealers and fellow travelers. There is value in knowing each and learning from them.

Halcyon Yachts Delivery crew meets Sir Robin Knox JohnstonSometimes in the yacht delivery business, you do something totally uncommon. Recently, I helped deliver a yacht to Antwerp, Belgium. Once there, we waited and helped load the yacht onto a ship. That’s something I never thought I would do, but Halcyon provided that opportunity.

A yacht being loaded by crane onto a shitFor those of us who come from other careers, yacht deliveries offer us a particular value. It will allow us to get away from the normal work day. Gone are the conference calls, endless meetings and 9-5 workday. Twenty-four-hour watch schedules mean you’re on watch at all times of the day, with a much different sleep schedule than on land. The upside is tremendous. Whether it is being able to see the majesty of the night sky with more stars than you’ve ever seen before or simply some solitary time invest in thinking through things that normal life often doesn’t allow. For those of us who have lived fast-paced lives, passages also help to grow the skill of patience and enjoying time at peace, often not easy to do in our regular daily lives.

A rainbow at seaFor those who do day sailing or short charter trips, yacht deliveries offer something new to you. It offers an end game, something to accomplish. Each of these delivery trips is connected to a yacht owner who needs us to deliver his or her yacht from one location to another. We are helping that owner do something and when we arrive, we have the satisfaction of knowing it is a job well done.

Yacht delivery crewman smiling during a nightwatchIn my time working with Halcyon Yachts, I have been impressed with the business and grateful for the opportunities it has provided me. If you’re thinking of taking that leap of faith, I hope you find something here that helps give you the push you need. You’ll certainly be glad you did!

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Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit  http://halcyonyachts.com/



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    Rebecca Spear

    Do you have any crew positions available. I am currently docked near Barcelona.

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