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  • 14th May 2019
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When I talk to people about yacht delivery, they often ask, “What is your favourite type of yacht?” or “What has been your best yacht delivery ever?” These are such hard questions to answer. With all the yachts we deliver, we develop a lasting fondness.

As one of the leading yacht delivery companies in Europe, we are privileged to sail a huge variety of boats to destinations far and wide.


Here is our list of the top ten yachts we have delivered:


10) Nordhavn 47


We have delivered numerous Nordhavn’s over the years. The Nordhavn 47 is a strong and comfortable go-anywhere motor yacht. When a Nordhavn owner contacts us for assistance, we are always delighted to help!

9) Hanse 385


Hanse have gone from strength to strength in recent years. We have delivered lots of their ever-increasing range, up to and including the Hanse 675. We now know the route back from their factory in Germany like the back of our hand! The Hanse 375 has made it onto our top ten list as it is practically designed, sails incredibly well and is excellent value for money.

8) Lagoon 560


Lagoon catamarans are hugely popular and we have delivered far more than I can remember. Their popularity is well founded. The Lagoon 560 offers an enormous modern living space. Combine this with the stability of a big cat and the result is that you feel as if you are in the penthouse suite of a high-end hotel.

7) Bowman 40


If you are looking for a true blue water cruiser then you cannot go wrong with a Bowman 40. Her traditional long keel design, skegged rudder and cutter rig help her to handle even the largest of swells with ease. Comfortable and sea kindly, the Bowman 40 is an outstanding ocean performer.

6) Baltic Trader 85


Baltic Traders come in various shapes and sizes, but all are very pleasing to the eye. They are proper traditional working yachts, beamy and solid. We love classic yachts, so you can imagine how pleased we were to deliver this beautiful Baltic Trader 85 from the UK to the Canaries.

5) Swan 441


What’s not to love about Swans? The Swan 441 is a classic fast cruising yacht designed by Ron Holland. They look great and perform like a dream. This particular trans-Atlantic yacht delivery was one to remember!

4) Hallberg-Rassy 53


Hallberg-Rassy has an excellent reputation, which is well deserved. We have delivered numerous Hallberg-Rassy’s and it is always a pleasure. German Frers designed the Hallberg-Rassy 53. The yacht oozes quality, is extremely comfortable and performs excellently. Delivering an HR 53 from the UK to Texas was heavenly!

3) Rustler 33


Beautiful, simply beautiful. The Rustler 33 is also an absolute delight to sail. She cuts through the water like a knife through butter. We could not stop grinning when we delivered this stunning day sailor from Falmouth to Chichester.

2) Oyster 56


The Oyster 56 is the most popular yacht Oyster have produced and for good reason. We have delivered many of these stunning yachts and it always a pleasure. The Oyster 56 has excellent sailing characteristics and is extremely luxurious and comfortable to boot.

1) Classic Yacht Boleh


Amongst some very stiff competition, Yacht Boleh takes the number 1 spot. She is a classic yacht like no other and has such a fascinating history. Commander Robin Kilroy originally designed and built her in 1948. Following a thorough restoration programme, Boleh now operates as a charity vessel from Gosport. We became involved with the project initially by delivering the yacht to her new home. Yacht delivery is enormously rewarding, no more so than when you know the vessel will be helping to change lives. We are very proud to continue helping the Boleh Trust, a charity dedicated to bringing unique sailing experiences to those who will benefit most.


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Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit  http://halcyonyachts.com/

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