• 25th April 2012
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Halcyon Yachts have launched a new sailing apprenticeship scheme. Pete Green, the Director of the yacht delivery firm has said “We recognise that there is a gap of knowledge and experience between newly qualified Yacht Masters and the level of expertise required to Skipper professionally. We have designed this apprenticeship to help bridge the gap and bring people up to the high standards required within the industry”.

They are not the first yacht delivery company to offer an apprenticeship, but due to demand the schemes are becoming increasingly popular. Mr Green is an advocate of the RYA’s training and is himself an experienced Yacht Master Instructor “I think the RYA offer superb training, and I am always very pleased with their high standards. The problem is that we require our Skippers to be experts in many areas, the ever increasing variety and complexity of yacht systems cannot be mastered in a short period”.
The apprenticeship promises a minimum of 12,000 miles experience on board a variety of craft in locations all over the world. Mr Green says “You will learn more than you ever thought possible; about yourself, about sailing, about teamwork and about the skills necessary to excel in the yachting industry. Becoming part of the team at Halcyon Yachts will help to give you the foundations and skills required to go on to great things, be it at sea or otherwise…”
Halcyon Yachts have announced that they are offering a free scholarship to one candidate every year. Mr Green is inviting interested candidates to send a two minute video showing how passionate they are for a career on the water. Mr Green says “Although a creative approach is welcome, I don’t mind if the videos are just taken on your mobile phones. What I am looking for is a real sense that you are as dedicated and passionate about professional sailing as I am.” 
Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit https://halcyonyachts.com/

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