• 21st March 2023
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We are delighted to announce our latest powerboat delivery booking. An extremely impressive XPM Vanguard 78 from Turkey to the UK.

Our latest powerboat delivery booking. This picture shows a drawing of the Vanguard 78 as a profile.

The XPM 78 Vanguard explorer yacht is a unique and innovative vessel that offers a combination of luxury and ruggedness. She is designed for long-range cruising, expedition, and exploration.

The proud new owner, Chris, says: “Vanguard will be our swan song. When we step aboard we’re committed, our business and home in Bluffton (South Carolina) packed up. With a 7000nm range, she’s built to explore. NW passage and Antarctica are on the roster for 2024 during a circumnavigation of the Americas. She’s fully web-connected via Starlink meaning our 14yr old son (and crew) can continue an education whilst the realities of seamanship harden him into life after school. We’re moving our lives to the sea, Vanguard’s design ensures it’s possible – full-time, long-term – and with her, the most incredible adventures are within reach.”

We asked, “Why did you choose Halcyon Yachts?”

Chris said, “Trust. Halcyon has a reputation for standards and a transparency reflected in their yacht delivery videos. It seems the skippers and crew enjoy their trips as well as doing the job. We have heard all the stories from our son who’s worked on deliveries with Halcyon many times. For our first delivery we want a skipper with experience and who can teach us patiently. We have the pick of the bunch from Halcyon. Also, crucially, Halcyon works as a support base, offering engineering, navigational and travel or logistics support. All the help that’ll save us brain space when all is new and kicking off at once!”

For more information about the XPM 78 Vanguard and to follow the incredible journey she will take, please go to:


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With highly qualified and experienced crew, Halcyon Yachts Ltd offers a dedicated international yacht delivery service. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit:


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