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  • 6th June 2023
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A yacht party is an unforgettable experience for the hosts as well as for the guests. While all the other elements of the party are enticing in their own way, food is often the focal point. It might have something to do with the fact that this is where all senses are put to use. You eat with your eyes first. The aroma, feel, sound, and taste of the food all contribute to the ultimate experience.

Meal planning for your yacht party does not have to be nerve-racking. This list of 10 best meal ideas for a yacht party might help you:

People having a yacht party

1. Mediterranean Mezze Platter

A Mezze platter will have something to suit the taste buds of all of your guests. It’s fun and light on seasoning. Lay out hummus bowls, pita, feta cheese, falafel, dips, tabbouleh, fresh and pickled vegetables, and olives for your guests.

2. Sushi Platter

This is such an attractive and delectable way to fuel your body with protein and Omega 3 fatty acids (Energise yourselves to rock the party!). Not only is a sushi platter fascinating to look at but the combinations and flavours are just heavenly. Remember to offer tempura-style alternatives for the guests who have reservations about the ‘raw’ parts of sushi.

Sushi platter for a yacht party

3.   Barbecue!

Make sure you have the right boat grill, and you can easily add some sizzle and spice to your party. Think juicy steaks, grilled kebabs, corn, vegetable skewers, and sausages!

4. Tacos

Bring some traditional Mexican food to your party table. Keep the taco shells separate, and serve an array of fillings. Let the guests load their tacos themselves. This is DIY that your guests will love!

Tacos ready for a yacht party

5. Seafood Platter

There’s something refreshing and harmonious about seafood on a yacht. Here’s a mouthwatering menu: seafood platter with grilled prawns, lemon butter sauce, sea scallops, crispy fried squid rings, grilled fish steak, mussels, and oysters with some potato wedges.

6. Roasted Whole Fish

A large whole roasted fish on a platter looks so magnificent. It looks like food that would befit royalty. Serve it with lemon and herb sauce, potato wedges, and some salad on the side.

Roasted whole fish ready for a yacht party

7. Pasta Party!

If it is good enough for Selena Gomez, it might be worth trying out. The star had a birthday party on a yacht with all kinds of pasta. You can serve three to four varieties of pasta at your party.

8. Pizza

You’re probably wondering what’s different or special about having pizza on a yacht. Your guests could have pizza sitting on their couch at home. When you change the setting, the food also tends to ‘taste’ different! Seafood pizza sounds like a tantalising option.

Pizza ready for a yacht party

9. Some Surf and Turf

If you’ve never tried a combination of seafood and red meat, you are missing out! It offers the best of both worlds. Serve a surf and turf meal (like filet mignon steak and jumbo shrimp) and it will be a meal your guests will always remember.

10. An Epic Lobster Meal

Legend has it that they are still talking about that yacht party where whole lobsters were served. Serve whole lobsters with suitable side dishes to go with them. This meal with the magnificent crustacean might just make your party go down into the history of the fanciest yacht parties.

Before hunger starts to bring down the energy of the party, let your guests bite into the delicious food. A great yacht party is a must on your bucket list of sea adventures and experiences.

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