Bamboozle is a Spirit 46, the yacht featuring in the film James Bond - No Time to Die
  • 25th May 2022
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Big-budget Hollywood films often have glamorous actors and exotic film locations to add to the overall impact of the movie. It’s no wonder then that large superyachts frequently pop up to add to the glitzy feel of the film.

This blog is not about superyachts in films, it is about memorable sailing yachts that feature in films. Us sailors love nothing more than a great film that stars a beautiful sailing yacht.

The most memorable sailing yachts that have been featured in films:

Mama Mia

‘Tai-Mo-Shan’ is a beautiful classic yacht built in Hong Kong in 1933. She stars in the highly successful musical, Mama Mia (A movie featuring the songs of Abba). The film stars Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Julie Walters. The yacht is filmed sailing in the idyllic waters of Greece.

Tai-Mo-Shan, a classic yacht featuring in the film Mama Mia.

Dead Calm

‘Stormvogel’ is a ketch built by Van de Stadt in 1961. Dead Calm is a chilling sailing-based thriller from 1989. Billy Zane, Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill deliver an outstanding performance on board this amazing 73ft yacht. It’s not a happy tale though. Always pick your crew carefully!

Stormvogel, the yacht featuring in the film Dead Calm.

The Truman Show

Santa Maria is a 25ft Pemaquid Sloop from Maine, in the US. In the film, The Truman Show, this gorgeous little yacht helps Truman to finally discover the truth about the world he lives in. Jim Carrey is incredible in this film. Truman bravely sails this yacht to the edge of his known world; it is no coincidence that Santa Maria was also the name of one of Christopher Columbus’ ships.

Santa Maria, a 25ft Pemaquid Sloop featuring in the film Truman Show.

All is Lost

Virginia Jean is the name of Robert Redford’s yacht in All is Lost. He is the only cast member in this tense nautical survival drama. Virginia Jean is a 1978 Cal 39. In the making of the film, they used 3 Cal 39s (Tahoe, Tenacious and Orion). One was used for the tight interior shots, one for special effects and one for the open ocean sailing.

Virginia Jean, a 1978 Cal 39featuring in the film All is Lost


Hazana is the name of the yacht in the film Adrift. This 2018 film is based on the true story of a young couple that sails across the Pacific on a yacht delivery. The yacht that Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp sailed back in 1983 was a Trintella 44. The yacht used in the film is a Bestevaer 76, very different to the original. It is a love story that shows the power of human resilience and is a sobering reminder of how fierce the sea can be.

Hazana, a Bestevaer 76 yacht featuring in the film Adrift


Maiden is a Farr 58 built in 1979. The film, Maiden, is a documentary about Tracey Edwards skippering the first ever all female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. It is an amazing film and the legacy of Maiden lives on. She continues to cruise around the world. Tracey Edwards and her team run the Maiden Factor, an organisation that promotes the empowerment of girls through education.

Maiden is a Farr 58 built in 1979

James Bond – No Time to Die

James Bond is a British spy who has always enjoyed the finer things in life. Famous for driving fast sports cars and flying in stylish private jets. No wonder then that the production company selected a Spirit 46 for him to sail in the latest Bond film, No Time to Die. The now-famous Spirit 46 used in the film is called Bamboozle. Spirit Yachts are based in Ipswich, UK. They have produced some exquisite yachts over the years and the Spirit 46 is no exception. A modern classic, just perfect for 007.

Bamboozle is a Spirit 46, the yacht featuring in the film James Bond - No Time to Die
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