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  • 1st December 2022
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Buying Christmas presents for friends and family can be tricky, especially if they have a hobby that you know little about. We have done the hard work for you and researched some gift ideas, some are quirky, some practical and some will keep you amused. Have fun!

Stock photo of packing cubes for yacht

Packing Cubes

Packing a bag for a sailing trip can be quite daunting, the task of taking just the right amount of clothes and equipment can be a challenge, especially as you then have to make it all fit into your bag!  Packing cubes are a fantastic way of organising your gear and the sort that compresses your clothes can help to save space too.

View Packing Cubes

Stock photo of a waterproof bluetooth speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music or audiobooks whilst on board can help to soothe or energise the crew and help keep everyone entertained. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker will allow everyone to connect to a single device and it will cope with spray and rain showers.

View Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Stock photo of a sailors journal

Sailor’s  Journal

There are often long periods off watch during a voyage that can be used to think and reflect. A journal is a lovely way to record your thoughts and write down any practical aspects of the trip such as tides, weather and celestial information.

View Sailor’s Journals

Stock photo of a drone and accessories


Drones have had a bit of bad press over the past few years but used responsibly they can be a wonderful way of capturing a cruise from the air. Practise on land beforehand, or you might be putting your man-overboard skills to good use!

View Drones

Stock photo of Garmin Satellite communicator

Garmin Inreach Satellite Communicator

These nifty devices allow selected people to track your yacht’s position at any time, along with information about its speed and course. There are different subscription levels available, but most allow the owner to send and receive a selected number of text messages a month and obtain weather information.

View Garmin Devices

Stock photo of a travel coffee press

Travel Coffee Press

Small luxuries at sea can make a big difference to morale, especially on a long voyage. A good cup of coffee is a real pleasure and for some sailors, a necessity! We feel that the best ones are compact, simple to use and don’t have too many fiddly bits to clean.

View Travel Coffee Press’

Stock photo of waterproof binoculars

Waterproof Binoculars

No boat is fully equipped without a pair of binoculars, they are essential for spotting navigation marks, passing vessels, land features and marine mammals.  However, arriving at a boat that has a pair that are scratched, heavy and can’t be focused is just as bad as not having any. Carrying your own set will ensure that this never happens.

View Waterproof Binoculars

Stock photo of a sailing knife

Sailing Knife

Need we say any more? Our yacht delivery crew have a knife attached to them somewhere about their person most of the time. They are a vital piece of equipment both from a safety and practical point of view. The most useful ones have a Marlin spike and a shackle key.

View Sailing Knives

Stock photo of a powrbank


Charging facilities for phones, laptops, speakers etc can be limited on boats, especially on older vessels that might only have one USB charging point. A portable power bank will allow a sailor to take a precharged device along with them that can provide several hours of backup power.

View Powerbanks

Stock photo of a waterproof phone case

Waterproof Phone Case

Most modern sailors have a range of apps on their phones that provide information on weather, tides, navigation etc. A strong waterproof case will protect your phone from harmful salt water. A case that has a strap or lanyard will also stop it from falling into the sea. We’ve seen that happen a few times….!

View Waterproof Cases

A Stock photo of 5 colourful hats

Hat with torch, stereo, speaker and mic

We thought that this was really useful: a hat that combines a headtorch, speakers and a microphone!

View Hats

Stock photo of a Sailing Muggi

Sailing Muggi

No more trying to make tea in the sink or a washing-up bowl. This handy tray holds up to 4 mugs and allows the sailor to brew up in even the most challenging of conditions.

View Sailing Muggi

Stock photo of a star finder

Star Finder

Sailing at night can be wonderful, especially if it is clear and you can see the stars. Most people are keen to try and identify the principal constellations and planets. A star finder can be the perfect gift for those new to star gazing or sailors considering more advanced celestial navigation.

View Starfinder

Stock photo of a Scaregull


This contraption fits easily onto a yacht or motorboat and acts as a deterrent to gulls. It is wind-powered, eco-friendly and harmless to birds. The rotating arms scare the gulls away and stop them from landing! Less time spent cleaning up bird droppings.

View Scaregull

Stock photo of Captain Fitzroy Storm Bottle

Captain Fitzroy Storm Bottle

Aboard the HMS Beagle during the Darwin Expeditions of 1831-36, Captain Robert Fitzroy developed and refined the 18th-century storm bottle. This involved much testing and observation and resulted in him being able to make weather predictions with a fair degree of accuracy. No one is quite sure how the storm bottle works. Is it atmospheric pressure? Temperature? Electrical disturbances? It’s this element of uncertainty that makes these storm bottles so fascinating.

View Storm Bottle

And for the armchair sailor…

Stock photo of a model boat

Model Sailing Boat

Who doesn’t love a model boat? This version has a ballasted keel, fabric sails and a moveable rudder. It comes with a full set of sailing instructions and can be used on ponds and the sea.

View Model Sailing Boat

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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