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It takes a very special kind of person to become a yacht delivery skipper. You must of course be an excellent sailor, both hugely experienced and knowledgeable. You must also be a good leader, excellent at communicating, inspiring, at one with the vessel and crew and calm under pressure. You need to be conscientious, careful, in tune with the conditions, confident but aware of your own limitations. It is important too that you are safe, well organised, good humoured, enthusiastic, practical and resilient.


In an ideal world we would be able to equip the yachts that we deliver with all manner of tools and spares, electrical gadgets and home comforts, navigation aids and books. On rare occasions we do get to deliver boats that have almost everything, but so often the yachts are either brand new with just the very basic life saving equipment or have recently changed hands and are therefore devoid of the numerous boxes of useful odds and ends.


Yacht delivery skippers are therefore by necessity creatures of self reliance. Heavily restricted by the budget airlines that we frequent, carrying only the bare essentials in the hope that any eventuality can be dealt with from the depths of our luggage.


You can always spot a delivery skipper at an airport. He will be wearing a huge offshore jacket, pockets bursting at the seams, sailing boots and thick socks regardless of the time of year or ambient temperature. But what exactly is it that we fill our pockets with before squeezing aboard a budget flight?


A Large Shackle

A large metal shackle

In the event of prop wrap you can run a line through a large shackle and hang it over the bow. Walk the line aft (one person on either side of the boat) and when you reach the transom you will have ‘caught’ the line and can bring it to the surface in order to cut yourself free.


A Couple of Nappies


Strange as it might seem, nappies are the perfect accessory for any sailor! They are incredibly absorbent and ideal for cleaning away any unwanted oil or residue from the engine bay.


A Head Torch

A head torch

It must have a red light facility for use at night and it should always be turned off when you are facing your crew mates. A bright light in the face can ruin your night vision and seriously damage relationships!


Basic Tools

Mole Grips

I like to carry a small toolkit which includes mole grips, screwdrivers, magnetic pen and a multi-meter as a minimum.


Duct Tape

A roll of silver duct tape

It is a gift from the sailing gods – after all, what can’t be temporarily fixed with duct tape?


Lovely Soft Mid Layer Thermals

Sailing Jacket for warmth

Of course, for warmth – but also to use as a pillow!


Cotton Buds

Cotton Buds

For cleaning tiny things, including your ears!


A Section of Tubing

Tube for siphoning

For siphoning – and not always just fuel!

Metal Wire Coat Hanger

A metal coat hangar

To prevent my Armani suit from becoming creased… No, not that – for poking or pulling things of course!


Emergency Navigation Lights

Green, White and Red temporary light for a boat

They are cheap and portable and invaluable if your main nav lights stop working!



Range of products by tabasco

To make even the most horrible food taste good!


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