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  • 7th July 2021
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We deliver yachts all over the world. It is therefore not that surprising that we regularly get asked for advice. One of the most common questions we get asked is, what equipment do I need to buy for my yacht? As with most of these things, the answer does of course depend. What sort of yacht do you own? What sort of sailing do you plan on doing? Will you be crossing oceans or just sailing in the local estuary?

In order to help, we have compiled a list of the equipment that we would expect to have onboard a  yacht going on delivery.  If you are planning a coastal or offshore sailing trip then this list should be very helpful for you too.

First aid kit for a yacht opened so that you can see the contents.

What safety equipment should a yacht have?

  1. Liferaft (in date and suitable for the planned passage)
  2. Grab Bag
  3. Flares  or Laser/LED Flares (Ocean or Coastal depending on the journey)
  4. Lifejackets and Harness Lines(our delivery crew always bring their own)
  5. First Aid Kit
  7. Satellite Phone (essential for ocean yacht deliveries)
  8. Jack Stays
  9. Horse Shoe Buoy (with light)
  10. Radar Reflector
  11. Gas Alarm
  12. Fire Extinguishers
  13. Fire Blanket
  14. Bungs
  15. Emergency Tiller
  16. Torches
  17. Safety Knife
Imray paper charts of the mediterranean with a hat and dividers

What navigation equipment should a yacht have?

  1. Charts
  2. Almanacs
  3. Binoculars
  4. Fog Horn
  5. Compass (handheld and fixed)
  6. Dividers
  7. Portland Plotter
  8. Pencils/Notepads
  9. Log Book
  10. Clock
  11. Barometer
  12. Chart Plotter/GPS
  13. Radar
  14. AIS
  15. VHF (handheld and Fixed)
  16. Depth Gauge
  17. Anemometer
  18. Speed Log
Pete Green Crew

What deck equipment should a yacht have?

  1. Main Anchor
  2. Kedge Anchor
  3. Mooring Lines
  4. Fenders
  5. Bucket and Sponge
  6. Deck Brush
  7. Boat Hook
  8. Anchor Ball
  9. Bosuns Chair
  10. Hose
  11. Shore Power Connection
  12. Ensign and Courtesy Flags
  13. Extra Fuel Cans (ideally with a jiggle tube for easy filling)
  14. Spare Water Cans/Bottles
  15. Additional Warps
  16. Gas Bottle and Spare
  17. Boarding Ladder
  18. Storm Sails (for ocean yacht deliveries or passages)
  19. Drogue or Sea Anchor (for ocean yacht deliveries or passages)
Red boxes of tools stacked together.

What tools should a yacht have?

  1. Engine Spares (impellor, belts, filters, oil)
  2. Screw Drivers
  3. Socket Set
  4. Adjustable Spanner
  5. Allen Keys
  6. Hacksaw
  7. Mole Grips
  8. Multimeter
  9. Oil Filter Wrench
  10. Stanley Knife
  11. Whipping Twine
  12. Sail Repair Tape
  13. Electrical Tape
  14. Spare Fuses
  15. Spare Bulbs
  16. Disposable Gloves
  17. Telescopic Magnet
  18. Zip Ties
  19. Jubilee Clips
  20. WD40
  21. Bolt Cutters
Frying pan on a yacht with onions and peppers cooking.

What galley equipment should a yacht have?

  1. Crockery/Cutlery
  2. Drinking Glasses (best if they are plastic)
  3. Mugs
  4. Cooking Utensils
  5. Saucepans/Frying Pan
  6. Kettle and Teapot
  7. Cafetiere
  8. Chopping Board
  9. Sharp Knives
  10. Tin Opener/Bottle Opener /Cork Screw
  11. Tea Towels
  12. Dish Cloths
  13. Kitchen Roll
  14. Washing   Up Liquid
  15. Cleaning Materials
  16. Dustpan and Brush
  17. Clothes Pegs
  18. Matches

You can find more information about the equipment required by law, for example, if you are coding your yacht, by following these links:

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Royal Yachting Association

Is there is anything you would add to our list? We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments.

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  1. 12th April 2023 at 11:24 am
    Chris Mlynarczyk

    Thank you for the yacht preparation list. We have all the items prepared to be on board. Some additional suggestions: Equipment manuals, Food/Meal Plan, Documents such as any needed Visas, Proof of Vessel Ownership such as Bill of Sale, Builders Certificate, Title or Coast Guard Documentation, and then items such as Extended Medical Insurance, Protocols so that crew understand how things will be done for certain key areas, Fishing Equipment for long passages, photography equipment to record.

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