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  • 8th April 2013
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  • by Pete Green
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Visit My Harbour has been providing free pilotage and sailing directions for 100’s of UK harbours, rivers and estuaries for the last four years.

The owner, Steve Bryant, says “Think of it as a cross between a pilot book and an almanac, but online and free to use. As we don’t have any adverts we can be totally objective, particularly with coverage of marinas.”

Visit My Harbour were the first to obtain a license from the UKHO (in 2008) to display their material online. They make full use of this to display charts relating to the harbour coverage, which includes full write-ups, photos, and also user generated comments.

2013 saw another first, the free display of monthly  tide tables for 400 UK and Irish locations.  These are displayed in a drag and zoom viewer that can be made to go “Full Screen” to view a full month at once.

The site is funded by membership subscriptions (for those wanting extra charting features) and sales of their own Navigation products which enable the user to run their laptop as a chart-plotter. 2013 has seen their chart-plotter offerings become Android compatible which Steve says is currently becoming very popular.

At Halcyon Yachts we often find this site to be useful and believe that anyone who sails or motors in and around UK and Irish waters will find the same.

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  1. 26th October 2022 at 5:36 pm
    Volker Demuth

    I follow you page for several years now. So I am planning to sail along the british south coast up to the iles of silly in 2023. I visite your page in time to see what’s new since 2019 when sailed your waters the last time. I love the south coast since I was a pupil. Now I’m 78 years old. Time passes by! Thanks for these formidabel informations on your sides volker demuth

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