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We’ve gathered up our customer testimonials and summarised the top three reasons why customers prefer to use Halcyon Yachts for their yacht delivery.

Yacht delivery ending in Croatia

This month, we’re going to let our customers tell you why they prefer Halcyon Yacht delivery services for relocating their boats.

Boating is an exciting hobby full of passionate owners like you, and enthusiastic service providers like us. When those two come together, it can make for some real chemistry.

But it also means that for many of our customers, their boat is almost like a family member. For that reason, owners expect us to treat their yachts with the utmost care. They want to know that their baby is in safe hands.

And we TOTALLY understand that. We’re yachties after all!

Our website is a great place to find information about what we can offer you and what you can expect during a yacht delivery. But sometimes it’s best to just hear it straight from customers like you. Directly from the people who have trusted our teams for their yacht delivery, to get their beloved boat from one place to another.

That’s what today’s post is all about.

We’ve gone through our customer feedback forms and summarised the top three reasons why our customers loved working with us for their yacht delivery. Most of all, we’ll tell you why they’d use us again and recommend us to their friends and family!

We’ll treat your boat during the yacht delivery as if it was our own

yacht sailing on delivery across the Mediterranean

Truthfully, some of the yachts we’ve delivered are so fantastic that we do actually wish they were our own!

Our professional skippers and crew will at all times ensure that your boat is taken care of during any yacht delivery and treated as if it’s our very own.

This means always making decisions that put the boat’s safety and integrity first.

The owner of M/Y Murian had this to say about us:

“The skipper put the safety of the crew and the vessel first in all decisions and coped very well in some difficult situations. All in all an excellent job from Halcyon and we would be glad to recommend them!”

Another testimonial from the owner of a Contessa 32 that we delivered from Belfast to Falmouth wrote this:

“I really enjoyed receiving the photos and video. Thank you for looking after a much-loved boat!”

We enjoy boarding a clean yacht as much as you do, so when the yacht delivery trip is complete, we’ll thoroughly clean your boat before we hand over the keys.  Christopher Winterell, owner of a Westerly Oceanquest that we delivered from Lefkas to Plymouth, remarked as follows:

‘After our yacht arrived in Torquay marina, the crew thoroughly cleaned the boat. It was as clean and tidy as we’d left it in Greece. My wife and I have nothing but praise for Halcyon Yachts. We would highly recommend them!’

We use the best skippers in the business for every yacht delivery

Trans Atlantic yacht delivery

The ocean can be an unforgiving and cruel place. Winds can switch, weather can change at a moment’s notice. All of this requires top seamanship skills which we guarantee in our yacht delivery skippers.

Our customers have experienced the professionalism and skill of our skippers and their crew and have left us loads of feedback about it.

Owner John Pinkham wrote this about his yacht delivery experience with our team:

‘I enjoyed the trip. The Halcyon Yachts guys were great. They were knowledgeable and very friendly; gave great support and tips’.

Our skipper, Amelia, received praise from an owner whose Beneteau Oceanis 373 sailing yacht we delivered from Suffolk Yacht Harbour to Port Solent:

‘It was a pleasure to sail with Amelia. She has exceptional seamanship and interpersonal skills’.

Michael Dodworth, owner of a Hallberg Rassy 39 that we delivered from Arzal to Ardfern, left this comment:

‘Halcyon Yachts did a magnificent job delivering my yacht Nutmeg from Brittany to Scotland. In particular, the skipper did an amazing job and was backed by a strong crew.’

We communicate with you regularly throughout the yacht delivery process

Yacht delivery in the UK, looking up the mast

One of the biggest themes across all of our client feedback is just how much our clients enjoy our constant communication with them during a yacht delivery.

Our promise to you is that our crews will maintain regular contact with you to ensure that you are kept abreast of everything that is happening during the journey. If there are unexpected delays, you’ll know about it immediately.

One owner, whose yacht we recently delivered from Stockholm to Chichester, had this to say:

‘The skipper, Bob, was totally professional throughout, with super communication’.

The owner of M/Y Murian, who we mentioned earlier, also made note of our crew’s communication with him:

‘Communication from the Halcyon Office team to ourselves and our support team was excellent. There was also very good communication between the Halcyon skipper, ourselves and our support members. ‘

The owner of a Contessa 32 yacht that we delivered from Workham to Falmouth, singled out the debrief he received from our skipper at the end of the trip:

‘Very good debrief from Ron. I would highly recommend him’


When you need to relocate a yacht, you want the best skippers supported by the most professional crews and the most committed office support team. That’s what you get when you hire Halcyon Yachts for a yacht delivery.

This month, we looked at the top three reasons our customers loved the yacht delivery process with us. In summary, they love the fact that we’re professional and communicative, that we use the best skippers in the industry, and most of all, that we treat their babies like our own.

To book a yacht delivery with us, contact us today. We welcome your enquiry.


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