The recent yacht delivery of a new Hanse 385

28 Mar The recent yacht delivery of a new Hanse 385

We recently delivered a new Hanse 385 from Hamble to Ipswich. Having waited at home for a few days for the weather to settle (Gusting Force 8) we joined the yacht on Monday the 18th of March. Unfortunately by this point the wind had dropped right down to almost nothing – it was going to be motor sailing at best… Hanse 385 yacht delivery We set off on the low tide just before sunset… It was a very calm evening with clear skies as we gently motored east past the Forts and down towards NabTower. When sailing at night along the south coast I always favour being further offshore to avoid the risk of getting tangled with a fishing pot, so we initially tracked south east to get closer to the shipping lanes.   The 30hp Volvo ticked along at 1800rpm giving us an average speed of 6 knots. As she was brand new, we varied the revs occasionally to help her to run in. As the day broke we were well passed Beachy Head and approaching Dungeness. The rain filled in, but still very light winds! Hanse 385 Dungeness We stopped briefly at Dover for a top up of fuel and then pushed on with the tide to take us all the way across the Thames Estuary and up the Orwell. It was a freezing night – the wind had picked up slightly but only enough to get a tiny bit of help from the main.   The yacht was light, responsive and easy to manoeuvre. She has a drop down bow thruster which really helped when parking up (and avoiding all the Oysters) in Fox’s. The bow thruster was impressively powerful – the shortest of blasts would get her moving! It was very easy to crab sideways when leaving the fuel dock in Dover… Right hand wheel, tick over ahead and left on the thruster – no need for springs!   Due to lack of wind (I realise this doesn’t help the reputation that delivery crew have!) we had to motor for the whole 200 miles, so I can’t really comment on her sailing ability. I did note though, especially with a self tacking gib, that she would be very easy to sail short handed. Everything comes back to the large cock-pit and was laid out very sensibly (easy to adjust whilst on the helm). I really liked the small lockers on each quarter which are used to tidy the lines – much better than having everything on the coach roof…   The layout on the whole is designed to maximise living space. Huge cabins for a 39ft boat, large saloon and good useable galley. I thought the heads were a little on the small side, and there was a definite lack of locker storage. The very shallow cock-pit lockers help to enable two big aft cabins, but as a result it was very difficult to store the dinghy and accessories.   She was well set up for night sailing and I liked the red lights that illuminated the cockpit floor and saloon. Some nice little features like drinks holders that fit into the coach roof mouldings, excellent electronic equipment and in my opinion a very attractive boat! One of the things that really stood out was the huge spray hood giving excellent visibility. Hanse 385 Hamble to Ipswich The Hanse 385 gives a lot of boat for the money. I imagine that in a breeze she would handle like a big dinghy – very responsive, lively and good fun!
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