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YouTube is such a popular platform for filmmakers to upload to. It’s no surprise therefore that there are now many YouTube Sailing Channels to pick from. Some of these channels have in excess of 1 million subscribers. It has become a way for some of the lucky ones to fund their extraordinary sailing adventures.


For us at home, the better channels provide regular entertainment and some well-needed escapism. To help you cut to the chase, we have made a list of the best YouTube Sailing Channels. We have compiled this list by asking our yacht delivery skippers and crew which their favourites are.


The best YouTube Sailing Channels:

Sampson Boat Co

An amazing and insightful channel by Leo Sampson Goolden. This channel documents the restoration project of classic yacht Tally Ho. We are particularly proud to say that Leo used to work for Halcyon Yachts as a delivery skipper. He has achieved some incredible things in his sailing career and this channel is a testament to his hard work and professionalism. We can’t wait for the boat to be launched. Tally Ho will be ready in two years, isn’t that right Leo.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Probably the most popular YouTube sailing channel there is and for good reason. Sailing La Vagabonde has been going since 2014. Riley and Elayna have become sailing superstars. In the last 6 years, they have sailed over 70,000 nautical miles and have documented the entire adventure for our entertainment. The viewer gets to see them up close and personal. They have inspired many others to set sail and live the dream.

Sailing Beyond Borders

A new sailing channel showing lots of promise. With exceptional videography, the first couple of videos show Tim and Mitch crossing the Atlantic. We are excited to see where their adventures will take them!

Gone With the Wynns

With nearly half a million subscribers, Jason and Nikki are now well-established sailing vloggers. This channel follows the couple as they grow from newbies to experienced sailors. They offer inspiration to anyone who wants to set off with the wind in their sails, no matter how much experience you have.

Erik Aanderaa

Erik is a tough single-handed sailor and his yacht is a tough Contessa 35. This channel documents some of his extreme moments. High latitudes and high winds, Erik is never put off. He gets some great angles and his films are always completely captivating. Although he’s on his own, he still gets the drone up to get some amazing aerial shots. Impressive work Erik!

The Sailing Frenchman

Hugo Picard, aka The Sailing Frenchman, loves to sail quickly. His films are quirky and captivating. You get a real sense of him as a character and a true insight into his adventures. His next mission is to compete in the notorious Mini-Transat regatta, an ocean race for tiny yachts.

Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe is a well-known name in the world of yachting journalism. He’s written numerous books and many sailing articles. He has entered the world of YouTube vlogging as an already established celebrity sailor. No wonder then that his channel is proving to be rather popular. With over 50 years of sailing experience, he certainly has a few tricks and tips to share.

SY Delos

Another big-hitting popular channel with nearly 1 million subscribers. Delos, an Amel Super Marumu, is a highly capable ocean-going yacht. SY Delos has over 300 high-quality videos. If you haven’t caught the Delos bug yet then there’s plenty of back catalogue to catch up on and get you hooked!

Sail Life

Have you ever considered selling up, buying a small yacht, restoring the yacht, and then moving on board with your dog? If so, this is the channel for you. Mads, a Danish DIY enthusiast, runs Sail Life. The films are full of useful hints and tips as he shares his passion for fixing almost anything he can get his hands on.

Halcyon Yachts

Our delivery skippers and crew are all fans of the Halcyon Yachts YouTube Channel. OK, so that might just be because they are featured in some of them. As a professional yacht delivery company, Halcyon Yachts showcases some of their deliveries on this channel. From Trans Atlantics to short trips across the English Channel, there are videos here to interest everyone.

Is your favourite YouTube Sailing Channel on our list? We would love to hear your comments so please let us know below if there are any other sailing channels you recommend.

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