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  • 5th December 2019
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  • by Pete Green
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Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present for a sailor?

Here we look at 10 of the most interesting practical and indispensable knick-knacks that even the most gadget-happy yachtie in your life may not yet have.

  1. Floating Key Fob – A must for anyone who spends time around the water, this is a quick and cheap stocking filler. The simplest type involves a piece of cork on a lanyard, or there’s the fancier and more compact self-inflating type. Guide price £3.50 – £6.50. https://www.marinesuperstore.com/ Stock photo of floating key fob for sailors.
  2. Seaman’s Multi-tool – The Swiss Army knife of the sea. A good quality (stainless steel of course) multi-tool is a sailor’s right-hand man and will give years of faithful service in all those unexpected situations at sea. In terms of number of gadgets, less is probably more and a good big serrated knife blade is a must when having to cut lines in an emergency. Gerber and the Leatherman Wave are among the most popular brands. All of our yacht delivery skippers and crew carry one of these! Guide price £120+. https://www.multi-tool-store.co.uk/Stock photo of seamans multi tool leatherman.
  3. Waterproof Phone / Tablet Case – Another essential to prevent your digital crew-members from drowning at sea. Prices can be as low as £5 but surely worth spending a bit more for something a bit more robust to protect your digital life. Floating designs such as Gooper Hermetic offer a double magnetic closure, are waterproof to 30m and offer full usability when in the bag. Guide prices £25 – £45. https://www.justathlete.co.uk/Stock photo of waterproof phone or tablet case.
  4. Anti-Seasickness Wrist Bands – This is a natural and side-effect free approach to help prevent seasickness, and is safe for kids and expecting mums. The method has it’s roots in Chinese medicine and employs acupressure to the wrists – no needles involved! Guide Price £8.00 per pair. https://www.purpleturtle.co.uk/Stock photo of anti seasickness wrist bands.
  5. Guardrail Back Supporter – This simple accessory provides much-needed comfort in the cockpit on those long tacks. The support clips on to the guardrails and eases backpressure. Foam or plastic types are available. Guide price £25. https://marinestore.co.uk/Stock photo for guardrail back supporter on a yacht.
  6. Tool Bracelet – Literally a toolbox on your wrist, this stylish offering from Leatherman offers almost 30 tools integrated into a fully adjustable bracelet. As well as an array of sockets and screwdriver heads it features a cutting hook, a glass breaker and a bottle opener. Guide price £110+. https://www.facewest.co.uk/Stock photo of a Leatherman tool bracelet.
  7. Sea-Searcher Magnet – Can be your saviour down at the water’s edge. Be it tools, equipment or car keys, this nifty 1kg magnet can retrieve any ferrous metal from the seabed with a maximum weight of up to 64kg! Tried and tested for nearly 50 years and loved by salvagers and treasure hunters alike. Guide price £30. https://www.marinesuperstore.com/Stock photo of Sea Searcher Magnet.
  8. Waterproof waist pack – Musto offers an accessible and waterproof home for your sailing essentials (mobile, VHF, sandwiches!). This 1.5 litre zip-free roll-top dry pack can be worn on the side/chest/waist and gives complete protection from moisture ingress. Guide price £30. https://www.musto.com/Stock photo of a Musto waterproof waist pack.
  9. Winter Neoprene Sailing Gloves – Always welcome for getting out on the water around the festive season. Musto and Gul are popular brands, rated for their grip and dexterity. Be sure to buy full-finger winter sailing gloves for maximum protection from the elements. Guide Price £20 – £35. https://www.escape-watersports.co.uk/Stock photo of a Gul winter neoprene glove.
  10. Dog Flotation Jacket – The perfect present for the four-legged seafarer in your life! Worth buying for the handle on the back alone, as this makes retrieval of your retriever from the water about a million times easier than trying to get your hands underneath. Prices vary considerably depending on the amount of padding, flotation and comfort required. Guide price £20 – £85. https://www.escape-watersports.co.uk/Stock photo of a dog floatation jacket on a dog.A banner reading Delivered by Halcyon Yachts

    Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit  http://halcyonyachts.com/

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