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  • 14th December 2016
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What do you get the sailing fanatic in your family for Christmas? Undoubtedly, they will have already got the essentials such as wet weather gear, lifejacket, thermals, trendy shore jacket, boots, etc etc, so what’s next? Halcyon Yachts, specialists in international yacht delivery, have come up with a few ideas that might help….

Two wrapped Christmas presents.

Everyone likes a gadget, don’t they? Even the saltiest sea dog can’t get enough of the latest technology especially when in gadget form! Here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Laser Flare: MK3 Odeo Flare. Robust, waterproof, floats, lightweight, an effective alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic distress flare. Available at Force 4 chandlery (www.force4.co.uk) and Marine Superstore (www.marinesuperstore.com). Approx £100.
  • Head torch – 2 recommended:
    Budget option: NEX torch Trekstar (Under £20). Lightweight, bright, lots of functions, has SOS facility. (www.bbb-leisureproducts.co.uk)
    Top of range and highly recommended: LED Lenser SE07 (£75). Innovative, auto-variable mode, variable focus and simple operation. Zoom, spot, flood and strobe capabilities. (www.ledco.co.uk)
  • Knife – Folding knife – Gerber BG Scout (£35). (www.gerber-store.co.uk)
    Sheath knife – Whitby Tekno Rescue (£32) (www.whitbyandco.co.uk)
  • Ocean Signal RescueMe MOB1 AIS/DSC beacon. The world’s smallest AIS MOB device with integrated DSC. (designed for the Spinlock deckvest range). Once activated, will alert any AIS transmitters your exact position (GPS derived position) and also will activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF set alerting your crew.(approx. £190). Available at Force 4 and Marine Superstore.
  • Spot tracker (www.findmespot.eu). Spot Gen3 GPS tracker & messenger. £110 Amazon. Lifesaving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of mobile service. Button operated, custom motion-activated and continuous tracking facilities. Also dock mode with vibration sensors. Highly recommended; we use them on our yacht deliveries to help keep the owners informed of progress.
  • Water Buoy – miniature floatation device. (www.water-buoy.com). Never lose your keys or valuables again! With raise up to 1kg in water. Also visible at night. As seen on Dragon’s Den! (£15 from Amazon) or major chandleries.
  • TackingMaster (www.tackingmaster.com). TackingMaster is an indispensable tool for anyone sailing tactically with a compass – in a dinghy, small keelboats or on larger yachts. A tactical navigation device that works together with any compass. It aims to make it easier to understand and visualize changes and trends of the wind during regatta sailing. (Approx. £50 – buy online with free shipping to UK for Christmas).
  • Sea Searcher Magnet: (Approx. £30). developed to retrieve tools and other ferrous equipment lost overboard from boats and docks. The Sea-Searcher can lift up to 64 Kg (140 lb) and is invaluable for boating, diving, angling, engineering or treasure-hunting. Available from Force 4, Marine Superstore and Amazon.

Sailor trimming a spinaker

A couple of great little stocking fillers:

  • SealSkinz – socks, gloves (www.sealskinz.com). Waterproof, windproof, breathable, stretchable, durable and flexible. C£15-£20
  • Turtlefur neck warmer (www.turtlefur-uk.com). c.£12-£15

Shore kit:

To keep your sailor clean and tidy, how about investing in a trendy travel hanging washbag. Both are waterproof and hang, important when you are in a confined space on-board or cramped shower-block ashore.

An illustration of a yacht

Give your loved one a gift that will last all year and hopefully won’t be dropped overboard or get wet from the office!

  • Rick Tomlinson calendar (www.rick-tomlinson.com). 2 sizes of calendar – 29th Edition of Portfolio of 12 spectacular images (for the wall) £19.95 + postage or desk top size for £7.95 + vat.


Keep them occupied (and quiet) over Christmas by buying a very informative book.

  • 50 Places to sail before you die, by Chris Santella. £15 from Amazon. Sailing experts share the world’s greatest destinations.
  • 3D Nautical charts or light charts. If you have a larger budget then these gifts are just amazing! Nautical art based on real Ocean charts – either 3D models or with lights mimicking actual light sequences from buoys or tracks of yacht races and expeditions. (www.latitudekinsale.com) or (www.guidinglightcharts.com). Fantastic unique gifts, well worth the investment.
  • Sailaway, by Nicola Rodriguez. A practical guide on how to escape the rat race and live the dream! (www.sailawaybook.com)

Blue skies and sailing boats

Bags and boat bits:

A sailor can’t get enough of practical stuff. Here are a few more ideas…


  • Saqua bag (www.sacqua.com). Stylish Large volume boat bag, under £20. Stores flat up to 15kg load. Can be used onshore or on-board, comes with a carabina clip and Velcro fastening. Totally waterproof and very versatile. Trendy.
  • Thermos Stainless Steel King Thermal Boat Mug (www.thermosonline.co.uk). Leak proof, 50-year guarantee, stays hot for up to 7 hours, cold for up to 18 hours.
  • Sea Searcher magnet. Very powerful magnet with floating rope, used by police, rescue forces and pleasure boaters worldwide. Can lift to 64kg, especially great gift when you lose your tools or car keys overboard!! £25-£30 – Marine Superstore or Amazon (cheaper than a diver!).
  • Sugru Mouldable Glue. Its a bit like play dough, but acts like super glue and sticks to most materials. It can be used to repair lots of thing aboard a yacht! Only £6.99 from (www.sugru.com).

A pretty girl holding a presentGift that keeps giving:

Give something back to those who may save your sailors life one day…

• RNLI membership or gifts from RNLI shop – (www.rnli.org.uk)

Get qualified:

Buy a gift that will keep them current and up to date on their skills – both ashore and afloat.

• RYA Sailing courses, practical and theory – all Halcyon Yachts clients and crew can get discounts at Trysail in Falmouth (www.trysail.net) or Sailing Logic on the Solent (www.sailinglogic.co.uk)

A model of Father Christmas holding a teddy bear.

We hope that some of these ideas may be useful and help in the annual ‘what can I buy them for Christmas’ problem. This list isn’t endless but hope that the gifts we have chosen spread a little Christmas cheer!

Happy Christmas!


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