Oyster yachts lined up in ANtigua
  • 10th May 2012
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  • by Pete Green
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As part of our constant efforts to ensure absolute satisfaction among our clients we now have the facility for round the clock engineering support for all our deliveries. We are very proud to announce our new 24 hour Engineer Support Service.


Most delivery Skippers will have a good understanding of the engine and systems on board, few however will be trained in dealing with anything more than basic trouble shooting. It is for this reason that our support service is so valuable. A small glitch or problem during a delivery can potentially create delays and therefore costs to our clients. With our Engineer Support Service many problems can be remotely diagnosed. Our Skippers have unlimited access to technical advice, support and instruction. With this facility many problems can be quickly resolved resulting in huge savings for our clients and ensuring minimal delay.

Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit http://halcyonyachts.com/

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