A large Najad yacht under full sail during the delivery to Lymington.
  • 30th July 2017
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  • by Pete Green
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Najad yachts

Najad was founded in 1967 by Berndt Arvidsson. Their first yacht was built in 1971 and ever since their name has been synonymous with quality and comfort.

Najad Yachts Logo

Najad use the tagline “For those who demand the best”. No wonder then that the Najad Owners Association has announced Halcyon Yachts as their approved yacht delivery service.

Over the years we have delivered many Najad yachts and it is always a pleasure!

We are very proud to be endorsed by the Najad Owners Association. They offer a one stop solution for all Najad Owners or anyone thinking of buying a Najad. The website includes a members forum, boat reviews, news, weather information and a business directory.  If you own a Najad or are thinking of buying one then we highly recommend you join this sailing community today!

Najad Owners Association

A banner reading Delivered by Halcyon Yachts

Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit http://halcyonyachts.com/

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