• 1st April 2017
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Halcyon Yachts are renowned for their yacht delivery videos. With an active Youtube channel and a loyal following of subscribers, Halcyon Yachts have now taken the plunge into the world of virtual reality with the addition of a 360 camera.

Pete Green, Director of Halcyon Yachts, says “A 360 camera will allow the viewer to scroll around or simply move their mobile device to gain a full 360 view from wherever the camera is positioned. Sailing lends itself perfectly to this technology and the viewer can now experience our yacht deliveries like never before!”

A samsung gear 360 camera close up with the sea in the background

The camera, a Samsung Gear 360, has already been used by Halcyon Yachts on board both a yacht and powerboat delivery.

360 camera on board a Sadler 29

360 camera on board a Trader 54

The cutting edge nature of 360 camera technology means that not all operating systems and viewing platforms are compatible. Most mobile phones and tablets that run a Youtube App or Facebook will however work perfectly.

Pete goes on to say “We do not intend for the 360 camera footage to replace our traditional yacht delivery films, but we do think it adds a very interesting experience. We want the viewer to feel like they are onboard with us. Our clients are absolutely delighted with the results so far. With the many interesting and varied yachts that we deliver we will continue to improve the production quality and really push the boundaries with the films that we are making.”

A more traditional film

Aerial footage of yachts on the Solent

To see more films by Halcyon Yachts and to subscribe to their Youtube channel please follow this link: Halcyon Yachts Youtube Channel

A banner reading Delivered by Halcyon Yachts

Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. For more information or to see details of their recent deliveries please visit

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