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For a chance to win some tickets for the London Boat Show, we organised a photograph and limerick competition.  The competition was offered out to all of our friends at the YBW (Yachting and Boating World) sailing forum.

YBW Sailing Forum

The London Boat Show offers yachting enthusiasts a fabulous day out.  There is a huge range of new yachts and powerboats to look at. There are many sailing experts available to answer questions. The food and drink is excellent and there are various events throughout the day to take part in. We are always there, not least because we deliver some of the yachts on behalf of the manufacturers.

The winning photograph was taken by FlowerPower (we have sent him two free tickets):

A beautiful white classic yacht with wooden masts at anchor in the Solent.

The winning Limerick was by KevO (we have sent him one free ticket):

We went out and we bought an old trailer…
If she leaks then we’ll just have to bail ‘er…
we’ve saved and we’ve scrimped,
but by March she’ll be pimped,
and then we can finally sail ‘er!

A big thank you to all those who took part!

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