Below Deck cover photo with 3 crew on the bow of a superyacht
  • 1st March 2023
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The reality TV show Below Deck has gained significant popularity since it first aired in 2013, depicting life aboard luxury superyachts and the crew that serve their wealthy guests. The show has provided viewers with a glimpse into the glamour, drama, and behind-the-scenes workings of the superyacht industry. However, it is important to remember that the show is a heavily edited and scripted version of life onboard a superyacht. There are significant differences between what is portrayed on the show and the actual experience of working and living on a superyacht.

The cast of Below Decks lined up on a yacht

Here are some of the main differences between Below Deck and life on a real superyacht:

Superyacht Talisman, used in Below Deck TV series, motoring along.

Guest Expectations:

While the guests on Below Deck are often demanding and expect to be pampered and entertained constantly, the reality is that most superyacht guests are respectful and understanding. They expect a high level of service and luxury, but they also understand that the crew is working hard to provide that experience.

Crew Dynamics:

The interpersonal drama and conflict portrayed on Below Deck are not necessarily reflective of the crew dynamics on a real superyacht. While there can be tensions and disagreements among crew members, most professional crews work together seamlessly and are focused on providing the best possible experience for guests.


The crew on Below Deck is often portrayed as working long hours without breaks, which can be an accurate reflection of the workload on a real superyacht during peak charter season. However, the show often exaggerates the amount of work and stress involved in working on a superyacht. Crew members typically work hard during charters but are also able to enjoy downtime and explore the destinations they visit during the off-season.

Luxury vs. Reality:

Below Deck showcases the luxurious amenities and accommodations of a superyacht, but it does not necessarily depict the less glamorous aspects of living and working onboard. Crew members may have to share cabins, deal with limited storage space, and make do with limited resources while at sea.

Charter vs. Private:

Below Deck focuses primarily on charter yachts, which operate differently from private yachts. Charter yachts have a constant rotation of guests and require crew members to adapt quickly to new personalities and preferences. Private yachts, on the other hand, often have a more stable crew and are more focused on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the owners and their guests.

Below Deck cover photo with 3 crew on the bow of a superyacht

In conclusion, while Below Deck provides an entertaining glimpse into the world of superyachts, it is important to remember that the show is a heavily edited and scripted version of life onboard. The reality of working and living on a superyacht involves hard work, long hours, and adapting to constantly changing conditions, but it can also be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for those who are passionate about the sea and the yachting lifestyle.

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