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  • 20th November 2019
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Whether you’ve been cooped up all day, need to walk the ship’s dog, or fancy a well earned pint, here’s a run-down of some anchorages with a walk to eight of the finest pubs around Falmouth and the Helford.


A few of these walks are tide dependent, if the tides are fully neap you will have access all day, the exception being the creek access option to The Ship Inn, which requires something close to a full spring tide.


While it is possible to tie on for the day to the Quaysides listed here, it is assumed that all creek-crawling and access ashore is done using a tender.


1) The New Inn, Manaccan. 2.5km each way. Accessible all tides.

The New Inn ManaccanAnchorage: Just outside Gillan Harbour (S side of Helford entrance). Anchor in the cove to the south of the buoyed rock at the harbour entrance. Sheltered in anything except E or strong NE.


Access ashore: Ideally at the west end of the beach by St Anthony-in-Meneage church, accessible 4hrs +/- MHWS. Outside of these times it is possible to land on the north bank and trolley the tender round to the main beach (if your tender has wheels!) or simply haul up and tie to the bank. If you fancy knocking anything up to 1.4km each way off the walk, and the tide is right, then motor as far as you like up the shallows of Gillan Creek and tie up at a suitable spot on the north bank, you won’t get long either side of HW though.


The Walk: From St Anthony church, follow the little single lane road hugging the creek, then turn right at the junction at the head of the creek and follow signs to Manaccan. If you want to get away from the road there are a couple of signposted footpaths to the village, off on the right as you walk up river.


2) The Shipwrights Arms, Helford. 0.6km (hilly!) each way. Accessible all tides.

The Shipwrights Arms HelfordAnchorage: Anywhere sensible, avoid the main channel or too far W of the moorings as there are oyster beds and anchoring restrictions may be in place. There should be space near the south bank, close to the shore access.


Access ashore: Into the woods on the south bank via wooden steps at approx. 50º05’47.35″N, 5º08’28.76″W. At the top of the steps there is the delightful and tiny chapel of St Francis, feel free to sign the guest book.


The Walk: Follow the footpath downriver, through someone’s back yard (yes, you are allowed access!), then across the beach, and at the end of the footpath turn left down the hill.


3) The Ship Inn, Mawgan-in-Meneage. 0.7km each way. Accessible 1.5hrs +/- MHWS.

The Ship Inn Mawgan In MeneageAnchorage: In the pool N of Tremayne Quay or if tide and time allow, further up river where the channel splits just NW of Bishop’s Quay (private,no access).


Access ashore: At the far SW of Mawgan creek, tie up to the bank to the left of the bridge as you approach, and gain access to the road.


The Walk: Cross over the bridge and follow the road to Mawgan village, take the left fork so you enter the village and look out for signs to the pub. If you fancy a much longer leg stretch, or the tide is really an issue, simply tie up to Tremayne Quay and follow the delightful 1.8km footpath to the road, turn right when you reach the road and walk a further 2.6km following signs to Mawgan village – this alternative gives you at least 4hrs +/- MHWS.


4) The Plume of Feathers, Portscatho 2.8km Accessible 4hrs +/- MHWS.

The Plume of Feathers PortscathoAnchorage: In the channel, south of Percuil Boatyard, best just downriver of the adjacent moorings.


Access ashore: On the west end of the beach at Percuil Boatyard. Or for a shorter walk, creek crawl as far as you like up the river, taking the right-hand fork (if you get that far) and tie up at any suitable spot on the East bank, if you make it all the way to the head of the creek it is 1km to the pub.


The Walk: From the boatyard walk up to the car park and follow signs to the footpath on the left, The path hugs the East bank until the head of the creek, then it turns right, uphill to the village of Gerrans. You will come out almost opposite The Royal Standard pub (by all means end your journey here, if you like), follow signs downhill to Portscatho, The Plume is near the seafront.


5) The Lemon Arms, Mylor: 2km. Accessible all tides.

The Lemon Arms MylorAnchorage: NW of Mylor Harbour, near the Western shore, there should be a bit of space amongst the moorings, or if you prefer more space anchor on the Northern edge of the moorings.


Access ashore: Via the old quayside in the woods at 50º10’49.20″N, 5º03’15.80″W.


The Walk: Head West up into Mylor creek along the footpath into the village. If the tide allows, you may cut your walk as short as you like by creek crawling and tying up at a suitable spot on the Northern bank.


6) The Pandora Inn, Restronguet Creek: 2km. Accessible all tides.

The Pandora Inn Restronguet CreekAnchorage: NW of Mylor Harbour, near the Western shore, there is usually lots of space to anchor on the Northern edge of the moorings.


Access ashore: Via the old quayside in the woods at 50º10’49.20″N, 5º03’15.80″W.


The Walk: Head East along the footpath, away from Mylor creek, across the back of Weir Beach and into Restronguet creek. You may shorten your walk to 0.7km by anchoring off Weir beach – accessible all tides.


7) The Old Quay Inn, Devoran. 1.6km, Accessible 3hrs +/- MHWS

The Old Quay Inn DevoranAnchorage: Restronguet Creek mouth, just outside the moorings. Can get a bit lumpy in a strong S or SE wind.


Access ashore: Via Penpol Quay, 50º12’20.58″N, 5º04’12.19″W.


The Walk: Follow the little road along the creekside, heading NW with the creek on your left. Or for a very short walk, motor on up to Devoran Quay and tie up. The pub is on the right as soon as you enter the village.


8) The Punchbowl and Ladle, Penelewey: 2.4km. Accessible 4hrs +/- MHWS.

The Punchbowl and Ladle PeneleweyAnchorage: Truro river, on the Western edge of the main channel opposite Tolverne, where Lamouth and Coombe creeks empty into the main river. Anchor just outside the moorings.


Access ashore: Via Roundwood Quay, 50º13’24.94″N, 5º01’51.78″W.


The Walk: Follow the car track out of the car park, after 1km turn left where the track meets the road. Turn right at the T-junction at the top of Mount George Road and the pub is in the next dip. Alternatively, take the footpath from the back of the car park and follow along the North bank of Lamouth creek. Cross the bridge at the head of the creek then turn right and continue up the valley to the end, turn right up the steep track and then left when you meet the road (the bottom of Mount George Road).

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